Liability & Insurance Defense

The Liability Defense Attorneys at Moran Kidd deliver aggressive defense of liability and tort claims to its business partners across the State of Florida. Our objective is to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while obtaining an excellent result for our clients.

Moran Kidd’s Liability Defense Department is capable of handling the needs of its clients in the following areas:

-        Premises Liability Defense (Hotels, Restaurants, Businesses
         Open to the Public)
-        Trucking Liability Defense
-        Construction Defect Defense
-        Transportation Liability Defense (Automobile Accidents,
         Train/Truck Collisions)
-        Insurance Subrogation
-        1st Party & 3rd Party Insurance Liability Defense
-        Pre-Suit Mediation
-        Arbitration
-        Mediation
-        Jury Trial
-        Bench Trial
-        Instant Response Investigations for its Business Partners
-        Continuing Education Seminars